By July 27, 2006

Coolmax Liner Socks Review

It’s triple-digit temperature time in Richmond. It takes every bit of high-tech and low-tech trickery to survive the heat in full leather. Two minutes packing my saddlebags without my jacket on can mean the difference between starting a ride slightly warm or sweating. I wear wicking tops and bottoms, and to complete my set I recently purchased five pairs of CoolMax┬« liner socks from Sierra Trading Post.

The socks can be worn under heavier socks, or worn by themselves. They were basic: white, with no additional reinforcement or material on the sole, toes, or heel. The socks were listed as “seconds,” which didn’t faze me that much. At less than $3 a pair, what could go wrong?

Apparently, Sierra Trading Post and I have different definitions of what “seconds” means. I worked as a retail manager through college, and seconds normally means there’s a mis-stitch here, or a color blemish there — mostly cosmetic stuff. I ordered five pairs of socks, and none of the pairs are the same size. Sure, each sock and its mate are the same size, but other than that, it’s a fucking free for all.

These socks are supposed to both be mediums:

These are supposed to be the same size.

Performance-wise, the socks do their job well. I wore them on my trip to Rockville. The wicking action kept my feet from feeling clammy, and they kept heat down to a minimum. I changed from my riding gear to tshirt, shorts, and flip-flops and then back again after about thirty minutes. The socks were completely dry by then.

The material is flimsy, and I have doubts that they are going to hold up. The toebox area is especially thin. On one pair I can already see the fabric separating. On one hand, they’re less than $3, but on the other hand maybe another $1 or $2 would have addressed some of my issues. These will get regulated to gym use, I guess, but the shorter socks are not tall enough to wear with my motorcycling boots.

Three out of five sweaty STFU mugs

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