By July 17, 2008

Corporate culture: I’m officially indoctrinated

I have pretended for awhile that working for a big corporate entity hadn’t changed my lifestyle much. Sure, I went to be three to five hours earlier than normal. Yes, I gotten up earlier consistently than I have for the last fourteen years. But it wasn’t until yesterday that I realized I have become “older” and officially indoctrinated into a 9 – 5 culture.

If you’re a long-time Gibberish reader, you already know how much I love coffee. I have all sorts of coffee contraptions about the house, and either have a mug of coffee or a glass of water in my hand. So when I met some folks out at Starbucks last night I barely believed myself when I uttered the phrase, “half-caf, please.”

:record skipping:

Yeah, that’s right. half-caf. I needed to go to bed “early” in order to wake up for work and be on time. I could hardly believe it myself. What’s fucking next, decaf?

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  1. roclar says:

    Welcome…*gasps*…to my world!

  2. Ed says:

    Don’t worry buddy, if you ask for a decaf I will put you out of your misery. Just as I would hope you would do for me.

  3. Starbuck says:

    But on the weekends don’t you drink coffee up until you go to bed. I think you kind of make up for it on the weekends 🙂 FYI I don’t drink as much coffee as I use to since I stopped working for Starbucks

  4. BushPutin says:

    Just do what I do. Fix a nice cup of espresso (stove top perc) at, say, 11:00 pm, stay up until 3 am, get up at 6 am, and muddle your way through the work day, hoping that no one notices when you fall asleep at your desk….

    Oh, wait….probably not the best idea…


  5. BushPutin says:

    Next you’ll be _really_ looking forward to that new pair of Dockers. Boat shoes will start to haunt your dreams, and landscapes of golf courses with lame phrases like, ‘you don’t win unless you try’, or, ‘the brass ring is yours for the taking’ will begin to appear on your cube walls….

    I think I’ll start calling you Izod…..



  6. BushPutin says:

    Dude if this means anything to you, you’re fucked:

    “When you contend with challenges that test your strength, you move more surely towards the top.”


  7. BushPutin says:

    This little nugget is extremely potent, don’t you think?

    “A positive attitude is a powerful force…It can’t be stopped!”

    Dude, really, I think this is where the government steps in and puts you to sleep…