By July 15, 2011

Crown Comfort King Antifatigue Mat for Standing Desk Review

I’ve been standing up at my work desk for over a month now. For the most part I have eschewed any special-purpose furniture or items, mostly because I didn’t want to spend several hundred dollars on stuff if I decided to sit again. One of the things I did try was a mat made for people who stand all the time. Here’s my short write-up of the Comfort King antifatigue standing mat by Crown.

Mat basics

Just a quick note about terminology. I originally looked for “standing mat” or “standing pad.” This yielded some results on Amazon, but you should include the word “antifatigue” when doing your own search. I guess that’s the more accepted industry term, and you’ll get more options.

Mats seemed to fall into two price ranges: about $20 – $40 and then $100+. The Crown Comfort King runs about $28 with free shipping from Amazon Prime.

Construction and size

The Crown Comfort King mat reminds me a lot of a slightly firmer-than-usual yoga mat. It’s blue and “squishy” when I stand on it. Not as squishy as a yoga mat, but not as rigid as the industrial mats I used to stand on when I worked at Starbucks or at my Dad’s assembly line.

The Comfort King mat measures 36″ x 24.5″. It’s pretty flat. The edges of the Comfort King are beveled so you don’t kick it up accidentally.


I’m learning that comfort at a standing desk is bought by percentages, just like comfort on a motorcycle. No one piece of equipment or technique will make me totally comfortable on a bike. A base layer, thermal liner jacket, and wear a heavy weight tight-knit textile jacket goes a long way to keeping your core warm.

The Crown Comfort King pad alone doesn’t really make standing up at your desk a comfortable experience. But bundling up good shoes, insole inserts and a foot bar, and all of a sudden you’ve extended your comfort period.

I found the Comfort King pad to be nice to stand on at first, but I stopped noticing it after ten or fifteen minutes. I think the foam is too soft to be supportive for extended standing. Visitors would put their feet on the pad, say, “nice,” and skate off. The Comfort King performs very well at about this level of use. After standing for a few hours I wanted more.

On its own, I’d say the Comfort King pad added about 10% to my comfort range. So if I stood for a 300 minutes a day, the Comfort King was “worth” about 30 minutes of comfort.

I think a antifatigue mat is important for a standing desk environment, but I don’t think this is the right mat for the job. It might be okay if you need a light-duty mat or if you just want to try out standing pads at a low price point. However, for even semi-serious standing use I don’t think this is the best choice.

Not recommended.

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