By November 26, 2010

Custom LEGO StarCraft 2 Units

While it’s a bit of old news (these were built in 2009 by Pepa Quin of Illinois, USA), they are new to me and I think it’s super awesome: custom LEGO StarCraft 2 units. The Immortal, SCV, probe and Banshee are really really good.

Here’s an example of the Immortal, you can go here to see the whole set.

Protoss Immortal by Pepa Quin

The probe is just about perfect. You can see the whole set here.

Protoss probe by Pepa Quin

I would LOVE to have one of the probes. It would be great if the instructions were available somewhere, but alas.

Hats off to Pepa Quin, these are totally amazing.

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