By July 31, 2007

Cutting expenses

I was cutting my hair today when it occurred to me that I’ve been buzzing my dome since I was a freshman in college. For those of you playing along on the home game, that was thirteen years ago. Soon I will have been officially balding for longer in my life than when I had hair. Actually, if I add in the first year or two of my life, perhaps I’ve been bare-pated longer already.

Anyway, instead of reaching for a can of hair or other hair-replacement nonsense, my thoughts drifted to how much money I would have spent if I still needed to visit the barber. I trim my hair back every three weeks. By my estimation, not including times when I was overzealous and cut my hair every two weeks, or lazy and waited a full month, I’ve self-trimmed almost 235 times. I know that’s incorrect, but it’s good enough for today’s post. Using a benchmark of $20 per trim (including tip), that’s $4700USD I would have spent having my hair professionally cut.

While I definitely miss the hot water and shampoo scalp massage, I can think of quite a few things I’d rather buy with $4700.

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