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D-War: dragons coming to a city near you?

Big thanks to Razak for posting this in the Ars Technica Lounge. D-War (Dragon Wars) is a new film directed by Hyung Rae Shim of Korea. The plot seems simple, as all dragon movies should be: every 500 years a dragon is reborn and given a second chance at life. This time, a big bad dragon gets reborn, and it’s chaos in the streets of Los Angeles. Most importantly, there’s a lot of people shooting at dragons, and lots of dragons belching fireballs at humans.

You can view the trailer here (Windows Media) or in Quicktime format here. If you don’t want the streaming version, you can download the video by clicking on these three fellows:

The idea seems promising: Humanoid dragon servants charging reinforced human positions on dragonlings. Giant Dewback-looking monsters thundering down the street. Smaller dragons attacking Apache helicopters, and of course the big bad cobra-looking super dragon. Shit yeah. A few of the scenes had me laughing out loud with glee, especially the scene where the helicopter pilot is shooting his handgun out of the cockpit at a dragon. My only concern is that there could be a love interest element. People want to see dragons eating people while said to-be-eaten-people are busting off crazy rounds from an M4. See Reign of Fire as an example of how a dragon movie can go horribly wrong by focusing on the “human” element. We don’t want to see character development. I want to see guys shooting at huge flying snakes.
Dragon artillery forces “shell” a Korean town 500+ years ago.

Variety Asia Online has a write up about the movie, which reportedly cost $70 million US to make over a period of eight years. There is no concrete release information at this time, although rumor has it that this movie will go straight to DVD.

Here’s to hoping it’s heavy on dragons and light on romance.

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2 Comments on "D-War: dragons coming to a city near you?"

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  1. Markie says:

    That was the longest trailer I have ever seen… I think I saw the whole movie…

  2. Stomper says:

    Cooool!!! The trailer could be a mini-movie but I could have watched more! Looks like it could be lots of fun even if there is a little love interest. Unless they pulled all of the best action scenes into the trailer (which doesn’t seem possible), seems like there’ll be enough action to counter any love interest. 🙂
    I hope they put it in theaters – it will be awesome on the big screen!