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Daily sites, March 2007 edition

The last what sites were hot list was posted in May of last year (you can also read the list from December 2005), so I figured it was time to do an update. Here’s how it works: I go back to the previous post, see what sites I visit daily or a regular basis, and note which sites were added or fell off my list. Without further ado ….

Sites from May 2006 that I still consider “hot:”

  • FZ6 Forum: I took a month off in January, but visit this site just about every day. I’ve been participating in the hardcase luggage threads for the most part.
  • Ars Technica: I am reading more of the Ars articles than last May, thanks to RSS feed aggregator Google Reader. The reader (any aggregator would do) allows me to pick-and-choose what articles I want to read without having to visit the site several times a day and miss something I’m interested in.
  • Blogs: I continue to read my friend’s (and co-worker) two blogs as soon as she posts to them. Her public-facing personal blog isn’t updated as frequently as it used to be, but I still jump on new entries as they are written.

Sites from May 2006 that fell off:

  • Pandora: after really digging the service for awhile I switched back to Shoutcast-based stations like SomaFM and Frisky Radio. I Pandora’d myself into a musical corner and hadn’t heard something new in weeks. I was also put off by their Slingbox-only distribution policy. Adoption of the Xbox Media Center put the final nail in Pandora’s coffin. I can play Shoutcast stations from XBMC.
  • Blogs: some of you have stopped writing! My friend Fishsprout is writing less and less. I expect her entries to pick up again once she starts training for her next run. Stilts hasn’t written an entry in almost three months. I think work and meatspace gaming got to him. I also dumped some of the more emo/whiny blogs that I used to read. Being in the doldrums is okay every once and awhile, but if you can’t control your emotions you need to stop blogging and get professional help.

New sites since May 2006 (in no particular order):

  • GlockTalks’ Survival and Preparedness forum: Markie turned me on to this place, and I read it several times a day. I’ve learned a lot here. I wouldn’t suggest it for the average person, as the testosterone level is high and some of the advice/scenarios trend towards the total breakdown of society. This site was the primary reason I started GIMPs, as there doesn’t seem to be a platform for moderates (either politically or from a readiness perspective) on the net. Still, I love the S&P forum.
  • Steep and Cheap: Consider SaC as a 24/7 Woot-off of outdoor equipment and clothing. I’m not interested in most of their products, but rest assured I have a browser tab loaded with their site every day.

RSS feeds:
A new category this time around. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Starbucks Gossip
  • Seriously. WTF.: Ars staff writer Jacqui Cheng’s blog about work- and not-so-work-related things.
  • BBC’s UK News: The Beeb runs articles on topics that don’t always get attention from US media outlets — for example, Nigeria’s ban on gay marriage may hurt their trade and political status with the UK.

So, now that the round-up is out of the way, what have you been reading lately? Have you demoted any of your favorites?

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  1. seeyo says:

    Not quite Daily listing but I check the following sites frequently (very tech heavy):

    YCombinator Startup News – News aggregator with startup focus
    Reddit – News aggregator
    A List Apart – Design/Programming Blog
    Code Craft Blog – Coding/Project Team Management Blog
    Guy Kawasaki’s Blog – Business Blog