By January 6, 2006

“Dallas SWAT” Needs to Call 911

I feel let down after pimping the new A&E show “Dallas SWAT” yesterday. Lady Jaye and I stopped playing Warcraft (a feat in itself) to go downstairs at 10 to watch it. This is a super big deal, as we don’t plan our TV viewing habits at all and can’t be bothered to show up at a certain hour to watch a certain program. But we did for Dallas SWAT, my mind filled with the 30 second advert and 5 minute teaser I saw on A&E. I expected guys pulling windows off of houses. I expected a 5-man stack crashing through a plate glass door. I expected SWATacular sniper fire and armaments not legally obtainable by the public.

By and large, I was disappointed.

Here’s how the show’s summary should really read: “Dallas SWAT is an introspective look into the lives of grumpy middle-aged men who have dedicated their lives to working as police officers and as such have horribly screwed up interpersonal skills with anyone other than a SWAT officer. Watch our daring officers spend 40 minutes an episode agonize over spouses, ex-girlfriends, attending the ballet, and ignoring their doctors’ advice. Oh yeah, and for 5 minutes a show you see them actually do their jobs, but only from the outside since we couldn’t figure out how to mount cameras to men who already have cameras mounted on their helmets.”

I’m giving the show another shot next week. If there isn’t some serious tactical action I’m pulling the plug on this black bag op.

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