By March 25, 2013

DCI Plug Out Cord Management Organizer Review

I have a ton of cords near my nightstand. This is partly because I’m a geek and partly because of my job. I have four Android devices on the nightstand plus my lamp. When I was helping out the iOS team I had an iPhone and an iPad charger as well. It looked like a snake orgy at the foot of my nightstand.

Sedagive? picked up DCI’s Plug Out cord management system at Target, and I have to say it does a pretty good job of keeping my cords straight. There’s a little room for improvement for my specific needs, but maybe a future version of the product will be targeted specifically for mobile devices.


The Plug Out is pretty basic: it’s a silicone bar about four inches long with double-sided tape on one side. Peel the backing off of the double-sided tape, apply to wherever. This is the edge of my nightstand.

The other side of the Plug Out has six nubbins that allow you to manage up to five cords. The Plug Out is meant for electrical cords, so the gap between the nubbins looked too big for my micro USB and iOS. However as you can see even the thinner plugs and cords used with mobile devices fit fine.

You have to be a little bit careful when unplugging your devices; if you just let the cord go it may pass through the gaps in the Plug Out and fall to the floor. I have to watch out more for this when I’m standing. If I unplug a device while I’m in bed the cord stays in the nubbin.

I would like to see a “mobile focused” model, that perhaps had a silicone ring with a small slit in it. The ring would trap the wider end of the cord so it wouldn’t pull away from the Plug Out. The slit would allow you to press the cord into the retention ring.

Overall, I think the Plug Out is handy enough as-is to recommend it to people with more than one mobile device. It’s inexpensive ($2.99 at Target, about $8 a pair shipped from Amazon) and beats scrounging around on the floor.


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