By October 23, 2008

Decisions, decisions ….

I was supposed to go visit my family up in Syracuse, NY this weekend. I was going to ride Raider up there and then putter around with my stepfather. I quickly encountered two monkey wrenches.

1) The bike my dad owned does not have a state inspection. Neither does Raider, but he won’t ride without a 100% legal bike. So a paired ride is out of the picture.

2) It is supposed to rain the entire time I am there. The thing about Syracuse is that the temperature could drop at any time. I’d go from rain to snow in a hurry. Who wants to be caught in that?

So, tell me what you’d choose:

New York

Savannah, Georgia

I’m thinking camera two, please.

This will also give me time to test out some new gear, including the Scala Rider Q2 Bluetooth headset/intercom, and the Synergy heated gear by Tour Master.

So, what would you choose: family and rain, or friends and sunshine?

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  1. Ed says:

    Umm, friends and sunshine of course. But you have met my family…