By May 9, 2008

Departure decisions

I planned on riding Raptor down to Savannah, Georgia this weekend to spend some time with friends from Ars Technica. I’ve been planning this trip for awhile, and I hoped this would be the “shake-down” cruise for my cross-country trip in June.

The problem is that there’s a 30% chance of thunderstorms when I’m traveling from Richmond to Georgia. And it’s supposed to be bloody hot.

I have gear to handle one or the other. My textile waterproof jacket will be great if I get caught in a storm, but it won’t breathe as well as my perforated leather gear. However, leather soaks up water like a sponge if I do get caught in the rain. I think either way I am going to be uncomfortable.

There is the option on bailing on the motorcycle altogether and driving my Mazda down. Just seems like a waste of an opportunity to ride.

Would you rather be rain-soaked and cooler, or dry but burning up? It’s supposed to be 90°F over the weekend; the warmest I’ve been in textile is 84°F and it was unpleasant but tolerable. I think I may go with the leather and deal with the consequences.

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  1. Starbuck says:

    Better safe than sorry. I would go with the textile. You can always use the vents and take the liner out and you would be a little cooler. It also gives you a chance to test out the textile in the rain instead of in your shower 😉 Good luck on your trip and be safe.

  2. jim_shoe says:

    Leather – go for the comfort over the long haul – 30% isn’t much of a chance –
    I once road across Iowa and Illinois in a rainstorm and it sucked bad-
    It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing, it’s gonna suck in the rain.

    If you do hit thunderstorms, you really ought to be getting under an overpass or off the road anyways – the downpours can really put down a lot of water once, and hydroplaning at 70mph is bad. It’s not worth the time difference.

    Trust me on that one.

  3. Ben says:

    Too bad I haven’t been reading the forums much lately or I would have structured my weekend differently and we may have been able to even carpool or something. Oh well. Perhaps next time.

    As a side note, I’m getting a new pistol soon and may need some (read:lots) of range time… I need to head down there to the range you mentioned before and perhaps we’ll meet up or something.