By June 23, 2008


I have 50,000 applications and whatnot open at any given time. Sometimes I want an application to always stay on top of other applications, especially now that I run two monitors. For example, I remotely connect to my file server and put that window on my second monitor. I also keep my AOL Instant Messenger buddy list on that monitor. My buddy list gets hidden any time I “focus” on the remote desktop window. How could I keep the buddy list on top at all times?

Enter DeskPins. DeskPins is a free Windows application that allows you to “top” any window of any application. I soon found other windows I wanted to keep on top of everything else, like video Skype conversations with Stilts, or Winamp when placed on my secondary display.

The application is easy to use: just click on the DeskPins icon and then click on the title bar of the program you want to pin. You can unpin the program by clicking on the “pin” icon in the title bar. You can also set up rules to pin programs automatically, but I haven’t found the need to do so.

Give DeskPins a try, you might find uses for the application you didn’t imagine.

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