By January 24, 2006

Ding dong

Our doorbell rang at 8AM this morning, which is intolerably early given that we don’t go to sleep in this house until 3AM at the earliest. I hobbled out of bed and went downstairs to see a gentleman in a hard hat and reflective vest standing on our porch. It was the FIOS installation crew!

The gentleman informed me that they’d be digging in our yard today. I thanked him for his time, relocked the front door, and went back to sleep. Apparently they were making lots of noise with their Ditch Witch and other machinery, but after slaying dwarves and night elves all evening I was too tired to care.

This little guy barely fit past our cars and my motorcycle in my driveway. I’m glad that it did, because otherwise the construction crew would have had to dig the trench for the fiber by hand. That would have taken longer, and any more time that I have to wait for FTTP goodness is more time spent in wretched anticipation.

Happiness is a spool of fiber

I’m not sure how long they’ll be doing work in our yard. The crew is already in our neighbor’s yard, so perhaps they’re just about finished with ours. They’ve already been at it for five and a half hours, although accounting for lunch and Construction Worker Timeā„¢ that’s only about 45 minutes of actual work.

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