By November 23, 2005

Doc Vs. Scammers

As I noted earlier this month, I am trying to sell my Honda Element. I’ve received more scam attempts, and I’ve gotten tired of deleting them.

Here’s the message I received:

Thanks for your mail.
Due to time constraint on the fact that we are
running short of time,actually my client wants to use
the vehicle as a birthday gift to his wife. I am
delighted to tell you that he has commended your
vehicle.he has instructed me to carry on with
this transaction to that effect, he also instructed me to inform you
that payment will get to you in a cashier check of
$25,705 which is a refund payment of a cancelled order
ea rlier made by my client. Due to company policy this
check has to be made out in this amount to you
,because company policy only allows a refund payment
on one cashier cheque.
So you are required to deduct the cost of your vehicle ie
$18,800 when
payment gets to you and refund balance $6,905 to the
shipper for him to be
able to offset shipping & tax charges, and other
cosmetic repair costs.
After payment has reached you and balance sent to
shipper, the
shipper’s agent wil! l come for pick up of vehicle &
signing of title
papers,handle some cosmetic touches if any and drive
to a prepaid shipper to be shipped to my customer.
Confirm this and provide your name,adress and phone no
for payment to be made to you as soon as possible.

Have a nice day.

And my reply:

Thank you for your reply — due to recent scams with cashier’s checks,
we will have to wait until the issuing bank (not my receiving bank)
clears the check. This process may take as long as four weeks. Here is
a link for more information:

If you are still interested in this transaction, please let me know.



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