By March 19, 2012

Dollar Shave Club – Razors delivered every month … sorta.

After I saw the Dollar Shave Club advertisement on YouTube, I was intrigued. The company sends you one of three razors on the 15th of every month. The least expensive two-blade cartridge is $3 a month after shipping and handling; the four-blade cart is $6 and the colossal six blade is $9.

Now that I’m barefaced again, I’ll be using a lot more razors, and this seemed like a decent approach compared to buying a dozen Mach 3 cartridges at a time at Costco.

I put in an order for the four-blade cartridge, as it seemed to be the closest to my Mach 3. I was anxious to get my blades in the mail and do a review.

Apparently so was everyone else, and I got this email late last week:

Back ordered for two months!! Major bummer! I decided to cancel my order, and the process was super simple.

I had considered trying to order the two-blade cartridge, but I figured Dollar Shave Club was out across the board otherwise they would have given me the option to downgrade or upgrade.

While I appreciate their candor and conciliatory attitude, I would have waited until May if they upgraded me for the two months I had to wait or something. Missed opportunity for great customer service.

I thought about going with a traditional safety razor but not going to get any prettier and the last thing I want to do is hack my face up. I’ll probably make the jump; some of my pals shave with safety razors and the process should make for a good write-up on Gibberish.

Here’s the Internet ad campaign that started the avalanche:

Anyone else out there get a backorder notice?

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  1. joe smogg says:

    i guess I placed my order a few days before you, as I was told my first shipment would be May 10th. They didn’t offer a way to cancel at that time. So here I sit waiting for my blades.