By March 5, 2006

Don’t wait.

Some very dear friends of ours lost a loved one recently. Lady Jaye and I were talking about how one could prepare for such a sudden loss, and the simple answer is you really can’t. All I know from losing my sister unexpectedly was that you have to go forward every day without leaving something unsaid. Don’t go to bed angry with someone you love. Don’t leave something off the table: good, bad, anything that you could look back on with regret.

I would hate to say someday, “I wish I would have said ‘x.'”

So, here’s your chance. You can name names if you want to, or just leave it “anonymous.” What do you have to say to someone? Don’t wait.

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  1. jpcstine says:

    Without being too morbid (and y’all know I’m anything but that), this is something I think about often – sometimes to the chagrin of my friends. I’ve had what turns out to be a rare honor inasmuch as I’ve made some awesome friends in my lifetime so far – and they know how I feel about them.

    Seizing the opportunity, however: DrFaulken, you’re one of them. Thanks for being a continuing source of inspiration and joy to me, even though we’re no longer in each other’s every day.