By January 9, 2007

DrFaulken, your own personal shopper

I buy stuff. Lots of stuff. I also help other people buy stuff. Lots of stuff. It’s one of the reasons I started writing online again. People at work or at play would ask me my opinion of Gadget X or whatever and if they should buy it or not. This started out as a joke with my friend Configuratrix, but the more I think about it, the more this might come to fruition.

So, here’s the deal. Are you in the market for something? Maybe an MP3 player, a Wii nunchuck controller, a black standard-length wool coat, or a Roomba? Other Gibberish readers are looking for those things, and I’m helping them find the best deals. Send me a line at [email protected] and I’ll do my best to help you. If we get enough traction on this, I have an idea for an automated request ticket system.

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  1. As handy as the comparitive shopper feature might be*, decision paralysis is my bugaboo. You remember my phone-buying agonizing. What *kind* of Roomba should I get? Etc.

    My understanding is that a personal shopper can help folks find bargains, but their value really zooms as they get to know a customer, because then they can find things based on their knowledge of the customer’s preferences.
    As “Sheri” at Nordstrom’s would get to know me, I wouldn’t need to keep specifying things like how I like natural fibers over synthetic, what are my sizes, what are my favorite colors, etc. As concierge “Dan” at The Grand Hotel gets to know me from visits, he’d know what kind of car features I value for setting up a rental for me, or what seats in the symphony hall I prefer.

    Is there something like an eBay for services — a clearinghouse where one can look at buyers’ and sellers’ credibility before commiting to a transaction?

    * I may not be a typical shopper, but if I find a deal where the price seems reasonable, I’m not going to spend time looking for other deals. So, a personal shopper saving me money on deals would be a “nice to have”, but it’s not a feature that’s likely to sell me *on the service* (of having a personal shopper).

  2. drfaulken says:

    You are correct. I am not currently offering the services of a real professional personal shopper. At the height of her rule, my mother had three personal shoppers at Nordstrom’s: one for her, one for her and the family, and one for my neice. They would call my mother and say, “the new Anne Taylor [or whatever] came in today, and I pulled some pieces for you before they went on the rack.” The shoppers would recall my mother’s favorite styles and designers, and would also get one or two things to “stretch” her wardrobe.

    Anyway, I would love to have a budget for you and some of my friends every month. “Here’s $200 a month. Buy me awesome stuff that I need.”

    I know who’d be getting a nice DVD player. 😉

  3. cymwyd says:

    Ok, so you working on commission or does this just lend structure to your compulsive searching?


    The Captain does need a new sound system…

  4. drfaulken says:

    No commission! I’m going to be surprised if this goes beyond just a once-or-twice a month thing. If it really picks up then I’ll charge purchased to a rewards-type card and keep that for myself.

  5. Stomper says:

    Thanks Drfaulken!! The electric blankie is great and lives up to its description!! It’s very soft and it’s hard to tell where the wires are. Remember I wanted it to warm up the matress – cuz I keep the temp low in the house but with the temperpedic matress it takes half the night for it to stop feeling like a chunk of ice. I was skeptical the first night because when I put it on high I could barely feel any heat – it didn’t have hot spots like previous ones I had. But it really did put out the btu’s evenly. Now I turn it on a couple hours before I want to go to sleep and the matress is nice and warm.

    Thanks for doing the digging on this one! It’s a hit!!