By August 21, 2008 upgrades

I’ve moved, and by extension Gibberish and the gallery, over to a more dedicated server on DreamHost. The site has been slow lately. I’d like to think it’s partly from my traffic, but I think there are just too many other sites on my old server. I did have a 10,000 unique visitor spike over a two day period last week, but traffic has settled down to slightly-more-than-prior levels.

I did manage to move almost 15GBs worth of content last month, which is a record for Gibberish. Pretty sweet for a blog started for a dozen readers. 🙂

The move is supposed to be seamless, but if you notice anything weird please let me know.

Do you think the site is performing better than before?

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2 Comments on " upgrades"

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  1. roclar says:

    Its got to be about thirty times faster! There was always a noticeable pause before the text loaded, then another before the CSS was available for parsing. Now it just loads after a much shorter pause.

  2. BushPutin says:

    Yeah, much better, Man…