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Droid vs Alias 2 vs enV2 photo comparison

Sedagive? and I were able to run a little ad hoc test of the camera capabilities of three mobile phones. I have a Samsung Alias 2, Sedagive? has an LG enV2, and our friend has a Motorola Droid.

We shot roughly the same picture at the same time with standard settings for each phone. We expected the Droid’s 5.0 megapixel camera to produce better photos than the nearly year-old Alias 2’s 2.0 megapixel camera or the 2.0 megapixel camera in the enV2, which was released in March of 2008.

We were pretty surprised with the results, and further convinced me to wait on Verizon’s latest super smartphone.
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Here’s the LG enV2 picture. The 2.0 megapixel camera shows its weakness towards the top of the photo. You can see the pixelation towards the ceiling. Although the overall photo is pretty washed out, the enV2 produced the most accurate colors, particularly on the rose.
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This is the Samsung Alias 2 photo. The picture is of better quality than the enV2, but the color reproduction of the flowers wasn’t as good. Everything is a bit lighter than the actual subject. I didn’t try any color correction, but adjusting the contrast might help this a lot.
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Despite generating a much larger picture than the other two cameras, the Droid’s photo is best summarized as “grainy.” It has the least pixelation at the top of the photo. If you look at the other two photos, there is a very sharp pixelation zone. The Droid’s photo is grainy, but the pixelation is distributed evenly throughout.

At a smaller size, the Droid photo looked the best overall, even though the color was the most washed out. However, at larger sizes you can really see the weakness of the Motorola camera. Believe it or not, the camera has already been improved once since release via a firmware upgrade.

It is quite possible we could have adjusted the phone settings to take better photos. However, I didn’t feel like anyone would want to fiddle with ISO and white balance for a quick snap with a mobile phone. The enV2 and the Alias 2 have the ability to set a time delay before taking a photo. I believe this helped reduce any “shakiness” when depressing the shutter release button on the Droid. If the Droid has the ability to do a timed shutter release, we couldn’t discover how.

So, what’s the verdict? While none of the phones took wonderful pictures, the Alias 2 had the best overall camera in our comparison. I really expected more from the Droid. I was surprised that the enV2 had the most accurate color given the age of the phone.

None of the mobile phones produced a picture of good enough quality to print. I wouldn’t say they were even particularly worthy of putting on a computer screen, like Facebook or a photoblog. If I had to rank them, I’d say the Alias 2 is at the top, then the enV2, then the Droid.

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