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Dropsync Dropbox Sync App for Android Review

I used Dropbox to keep some of my files in sync. One of the problems with the Dropbox Android client is that it doesn’t sync from the device back to Dropbox.

: rewind sound :

Say wha? Dropbox doesn’t sync? Isn’t that the point of Dropbox?

Yep. It’s true — you can sync from Dropbox to your Android device, but you can’t push from your device back up to the cloud.

Enter Dropsync.

Yo dawg, I heard you like cloud syncing, so I put a sync app on top of your sync app, so you could sync up while you sync up.

It seems a little unnecessary to have an app on your Android device in order to truly utilize Dropbox, but Dropsync works extremely well and is easy to set up.

  1. Download and install the Dropsync app from the Google Play market. You can use the free one to try out the program. You can also get by with the free version if you only need to sync one file. I liked the app so much I bought the Pro version. Setup is the same.
  2. Authorize Dropsync to use your Dropbox account. The Dropsync app does not store any of your Dropbox login information. Just press the green button to accept.


  3. Select the directory on your phone that you want to sync.


  4. Select the Dropbox directory you want to sync. The Pro version allows you to sync more than one directory.


  5. Select the type of sync you want. Two way sync is how Dropbox works by default. This is the right option for most users.


  6. You’re done. You may configure options, such as sync intervals (5 minutes to 24 hours), exclude certain types of files or files with certain terms in them, and the ability to try to detect and instantly upload/download changed files. You can also set Dropsync to only operate on USB / AC power, further saving battery life.

Speaking of battery life, I did not notice any change in the battery life of my Nexus 7 or Galaxy Nexus while running Dropsync. I am sure there is some additional usage, but I did not perceive it.

Overall, I think Dropsync is a great app. I wish it didn’t have to exist and that the Dropbox app did this out of the box, but here we are.

Strongly recommended.

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