By October 12, 2006

Easier swim laps for a faster time?

I haven’t been swimming as much as I would have liked in the last month. Last week I began doing easier pyramid workouts, wherein I alternate some of my laps with backstroke instead of doing them all freestyle. For example, my first 200 meters is alternating freestyle and backstroke, then the next 200 meters is 100 freestyle, then half backstroke and half freestyle. The “top” of the pyramid is 150m of freestyle, with the last fifty meters broken up by freestyle and backstroke.

This certainly makes the swimming part easier, but I thought my times would go down for sure. I was very surprised to discover that I’m actually faster overall with this approach, because I can swim more intensely during the freestyle portions. My “easy” lap swim time for 40 lengths? 23:27. Not fast by any stretch, but actually faster than when I was doing 100% freestyle.

I’m increasing the distance I swim every week by 200 meters, so this week I’m swimming 48 laps in about 27:20. Next week I’ll do 56 laps, and then hopefully my body won’t fall apart while we’re in New York for Lady Jaye’s cousin’s wedding.

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  1. Bond says:

    Ok, so you know this means that you’re the official “aquatic person” of our zombie survival party? I’m sorry, but them’s the breaks.