By July 3, 2008

Every Man Jack mint facial scrub review

My skin gets really dry. I am inside a climate controlled, low-humidity environment for most of the day. I use Badger Balm (reviewed here) during the winter months and have tried several hand lotions (see my negative review of Vaseline’s Intensive Care Total Moisture). Despite my best efforts, sometimes my skin just dries out too much and flakes. During the summer and winter months my face gets particularly bad, as I have the AC or heat cranked, respectively. I needed an exfoliant, but didn’t want to smell like a chick.

Every Man Jack sells grooming supplies for men. They sell everything from body wash to shaving products to skin care products. Target carries a lot of their stuff, and I picked up a five ounce squeezable tube of their mint facial scrub about two months ago for $5. I purchased the mint, as the scent was clean without being overwhelming. There is a non-scented version if you are sensitive to perfumes or don’t want the mint scent to clash with whatever else you wear.

Directions are simple: apply a dime-sized amount of scrub to your face every other day. I do this in the shower before I shave. The grit in the scrub painlessly scours the dry skin off. A quick rinse with water and you’re all set.

I have been really pleased with the Every Man Jack facial scrub. It is inexpensive (I have another two month’s worth of product left), is easy to use, and works. I have found that I develop fewer ingrown hairs or razor burn now that I am using the exfoliant. I think removing the dead, flaky skin from my face and throat helps my razor from getting clogged up as easily.

At five bucks you can’t go wrong with the EMJ scrub.

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