By August 12, 2013

Everything is Epic on a Motorcycle

I used to ride my motorcycle everywhere. I didn’t own a car for the last year and a half I lived in Virginia, and before that I hardly drove my MazdaSpeed 3. Since moving to Minnesota my riding has declined, to the point where I haven’t ridden my Yamaha FJR1300 since October of 2012.

One of the reasons is obvious — the weather. The other reason was my job. I started working in a different part of downtown in December and took the light rail train into work. Parking was a pain in the ass, as well as expensive. There was also a strict business professional dress code (suit and tie) and that type of attire is not suitable for motorcycle commuting.

Anyway, starting tomorrow I’ll be at a new job with a more lax dress code and in a different part of the city. I’ll get to ride my motorcycle to work until the snow starts to fall. Hopefully we’ll have a very mild winter this year, but regardless I’ll be on two wheels as long as I can.

After taking such a long time off I was happy to discover two things:

My FJR started up without much effort after being idle for over nine months. The battery was never on a charger.

When you’re out of the saddle for so long, everything is epic on a motorcycle.

Here’s a completely boring ride, but the music says a lot about how I felt after reuniting with Apollo.

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  1. James says:

    Welcome back to the brotherhood. I can’t imagine not riding for that long. I live in California (Northern) and a few weeks of not riding makes me cranky.

  2. Jenner says:

    That’s what I love about living in San Francisco, riding weather 365 days a year and so few people know what a tie is.