By December 9, 2006

Exposure, 2006 Edition

Almost a year ago I was riding Cylon around and had developed a nice case of second-degree frostbite on two toes of my right foot. Outfitted with a new pair of warmer, waterproof Sidi On Road boots and warm wicking socks I thought I would fare better this year. It turns out that perhaps we don’t get necessarily get more wise as we age.

I have developed a blister of sorts on my third toe on my right foot. The toe was one of the once featured in last year’s digit freeze-a-thon. I wore my thin CoolMax liner socks and then my aforementioned wicking socks while doing a cold weather test-drive last Monday night. Either this was not enough, or the double layer of socks pushed my toes so much they made contact with my Sidi boots. Hopefully it’s just a typical surface blister and not another case of frostbite. If it’s the former, I might invest in some thicker socks and not double up (although the liners are pretty damn thin). If it’s the latter, then I might throw in the towel for riding unless the ambient air temperature is higher than fifty degrees.

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  1. Stomper says:

    Hope you get a good long ride in on Cylon today. It may be the last balmy day we see for a while.