By February 26, 2013

EZOPower EZEBA15 5200mAh Pocket Size External Battery Pack Review

Your battery is low. Please plug in your charger.

If you own a smartphone, especially an Android one, you’ve been seen this kind of message before. If you’re like me an on a portable device all the time, you see it a lot. I carry around a charger and microUSB cable in my bag, just in case. Standardization among Android OS devices has gone a long way to minimizing the headaches with keeping a device charged. However, there have been times I wasn’t around a power source.

I rely on my smartphone for a lot of stuff. When I am out of the house I use my Galaxy Nexus for navigation, messaging, and music. It’s important for me to keep my phone powered up, especially if I’m somewhere new and need to find my way home.

I purchased the EZOPower portable battery from Amazon for $25 delivered thanks to Amazon Prime.


Features and Form Factor

The EZOPower fits in the palm of your hand. Unless you have tiny hamster paw hands, in which case it may not fit. It weighs about 4 ounces.

There is a power button and four blue LEDs on the top. One end has a full-sized USB port, a microUSB port, and a white LED. The LED is pretty bright, and could serve as an improvised flashlight. You know, in case you need to find your phone, which you were using as an improvised flashlight 😉

You charge the EZEBA15 by connecting the included microUSB cord to a USB port. I wish EZOPower would have included a AC-to-USB converter, but I was able to use one from my Kindle Fire. If you don’t have an AC-to-USB converter you can just plug it into a USB hub or port on a computer.

EZOPower also included a variety of plugs in case you need to recharge a device that doesn’t take a microUSB port. I don’t use devices that don’t take microUSB any more, but this may be important to you.

The EZOPower pack has a 5200mAh battery, which is more than enough capacity to recharge my Galaxy Nexus’s stock 1850mAh battery.

The EZOPower EZEBA15 doesn’t come with an AC-to-USB power converter. You get the battery pack, a cable, and the tips. Just the tips.


I let my Galaxy Nexus run down to 10% battery life before giving the EZOPower EZEBA15 a try. The battery pack was fully charged. It took 75 minutes to charge the battery to 95%. Here’s the data:

Time (in minutes)Galaxy Nexus Battery Charge


I really like the EZOPower EZEBA15. I think for $25 it’s a must-have accessory for anyone who regularly uses a smartphone or other power-hungry portable device. It’s small and light enough to fit into a bag or purse without being noticed. I’m going to purchase another one or two and put them in some of our preparedness kits.

I wish EZOPower would have included an AC-to-USB adapter. It wasn’t a deal breaker for me since I already had a few around the house, but if you don’t have a spare you may want to buy one.

Strongly recommended

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