By May 28, 2006

Face to face

I have been using Anthony Logistics Shaving Cream for well over a year. As I wrote last August, I hate shaving, and the smooth, thin, slightly minty shaving cream from Anthony’s helped make shaving tolerable.

I have gone through two bottles (one small, one large). Instead of ordering another $15 bottle from Mens Essentials, I decided to try a four pack of Edge Advanced Sensitive Skin with Aloe. Standing tall at 9.5oz per can, The entire four pack was $9.99 at Costco. If the Edge gel sucked, I would be out a meager amount, and maybe some of my buddies could use it on their less sensitive, less crazy-to-shave mugs.

The experiment:
The testing procedure was simple: after showering, I applied the Anthony Logistics shaving cream to half of my face using my shaving brush. I applied the Edge gel to the other half of my face, also using the shaving brush. I then proceeded to shave my face with a two-use old Gillette Mach 3 Turbo razor.

Pre-shaving observations:
The Edge gel was much thicker than the Anthony Logistics cream. I would say the gel was at least three times as dense. It was a bit of a hassle getting the gel off of my shaving brush. I was immediately worried that the thicker gel would gum up my razor, resulting in an uneven shave. The Edge gel put a slight tingle on my face, which I theorized later might be due to the palmitic and stearic acid in the product, and possibly isobutane.

Shaving observations:
I shaved the Anthony Logistics side first, as I always shave the right side of my face before the left. I figured this would also balance out the time the shaving product was allowed to set on my skin, since I applied the AL cream first. The Mach 3 Turbo went about its business, with a slight scritch-scritch sound when it hit the most troublesome part of my neck, right where the bottom of my jaw meets my neck. Aside from the slight tug I felt in the Trouble Zoneā„¢ I continued my right-side shave without a noticeable incident.

I started on my left side with apprehension. To my surprise, my razor slipped easily across my well-gelled skin. As I expected, I had to rinse my razor out more frequently. It seems like I took slightly less time shaving my left side than my right, but it could have just seemed that way since I was a bit shocked at the Edge’s performance. I finished up and rinsed my face with cold water.

Post-shaving observations:
The first thing I noticed after drying my face was that I managed to cut myself on the right side. It was a small nick and nothing serious, but I would have expected any slashing to have occurred on my left side.

The Edge gel smells too much for my preferences. The Anthony Logistics cream smells great, and isn’t too heavily scented. I haven’t done a full-face shave with the Edge gel yet, and am a little worried that between it, my Dial soap, and my Anthony Logistics aftershave cream I’ll smell very … product-y? I guess I’ll find out tomorrow.

The ultimate test:
I asked Lady Jaye to touch my faces later that night. She ran her fingertips across the right and left sides of my throat. “Which one is smoother?” I asked.

“That one,” she said, pointing to my Edge side.

Indeed, I thought.

Well, as much as I hate supporting the mass market, I gotta say for $2.50 a can this Edge is the motherfucking bomb. Holy shit, I spent more on my Americano today than I did for an ENTIRE CAN of this highly flammable product that performed as well, if not better, than my snooty niche market mens’ skin care cream.

Anthony Logistics, as much as I’ve loved you this past year, I have to move on. It’s not you, baby. It’s me.

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