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Farewell, Teknic Speedstars

Over two and a half years is a pretty good run for a set of motorcycle gloves. I bought my Teknic Speedstars in October of 2008 and have loved them ever since. They were innovative at the time, and have features that are still very uncommon today. Wrist armor and palm sliders have crept their way into (very high end) motorcycle gloves since, but never to the extent of the Speedstars for their price.

I was spoiled and purchased my Speedstars for $100 on closeout when Teknic was going through a distributor change.

After almost 40,000 miles, it’s time to bid adieu to my favorite motorcycle gloves of all time.



As you can tell, the Speedstars have gone through a lot of use. I wore them in temperature ranges from 35°F up to 110°F. I wore them for short trips to the store, or 600-mile days. I’ve worn them in brilliant sunshine, and tropical storms (usually underneath my Aerostich Triple Digits).

I’ve loved them every mile.

Unfortunately towards the end of my time in Virginia I noticed a small hole developing on the right index finger of my Speedstars. I’m not sure how it started. Perhaps I nicked them on something, perhaps they just wore out, I’m not sure. Over time the hole has grown larger, and I now fear that the fingertip lacks the structural integrity to withstand an accident.

I considered trying to patch the glove, or sew it up. If I had confidence that a repair would revitalize my beloved gloves I would give it a shot.

For now, I’m retiring the Speedstars. Unfortunately Teknic’s pricing is back up to normal, and Speedstars run $160 – $180 before shipping.

I’ve moved on to a lesser glove in many ways, and I’ll do a write-up on it as I log some more miles.

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  1. Michael Schultz says:

    I too have the Teknic Speedstars, but an earlier version – probably 1998 or so. I don’t ride as much so they’re still servicable. As a replacement, however, I’m considering the Knox brand, especially the Zero model for colder weather. Fortunately, I have a (relatively) local dealer. Check them out.

  2. DAvid Levesque says:

    Love my Speedstars but after 4 seasons being exposed to all weather with 22,000k the left ring and middle fingers on the left hand glove developed holes. fruitlessly looked for another set and out of frustration I was about to replace them with the Alpinestars SP-1 when I stumbled on the Teknic Xcelerators.

    Figured that if I used a more commonly found/less expensive glove for those start’n stop jaunts around the city combined with proper rain gloves the new Xcelerator set should gladly outlast the Speedstars.

  3. David Levesque says:

    Oh, other then these small tiny holes the gloves are in great condition so… being the innovative person (cheap and practical! lol!) I am all I did was superimpose two small strips of leather from discarded gloves and use them still on a daily basis.