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Farewell to StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty

In May of 2010 I started playing the StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty beta. I kept playing right up until launch day July 7, 2010.

Since then, I’ve finished the single player campaign and played thousands of games of StarCraft 2.

StarCraft 2 was more to me than a game, it was a way to bond with my gal Sedagive? and her oldest son Gojira. Gojira loved all things video games, and we must have played a few hundred co-op matches against the computers or human opponents. Sedagive? learned the vocabulary of the game and sat (and stood) by my side as I played a ton of games online. We watched StarCraft 2 commentator Day9 religiously and even though she’s never built a unit she knows the game inside and out.

The family watched many of the Major League Gaming professional tournaments together, and we made a trip or two to a local area BarCraft.

StarCraft 2 helped me build a friendship with wurmr. He’s my 2v2 partner, and he has had to deal with my rollercoaster of emotions in victory and defeat. For this friendship, I am most grateful to StarCraft.

A lot of my life has changed since I started playing SC2. I was in Virginia at launch. I moved to Minnesota, changed jobs a few times, moved residences, traded cars, attended some funerals and bid hello to some new lives.

So, after almost three years of playing StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty, it’s time to say goodbye.

Because today the sequel arrives.

StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm is the next chapter in this hugely popular video game series. I’ll be bashing through the single player campaign while wurmr is unavailable for team games, and yelling “GAME OVER MAN” when we have time for some 2v2.

To commemorate the fun I’ve had with StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty I played one final 1v1 competitive game. True to form, I’m performing a cannon rush — widely considered a “cheese” cheap strategy. I figured I’d go out with a bang and followed up the rush with some dark templar. 😉

last 1v1 WoL game

Here’s to another three years of fantastic fun, friends, and family.

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  1. Ajar says:

    I’m really looking forward to playing an all or mostly zerg campaign. <3