By March 15, 2013

Fighting Further Gun Control: Week 10

For the most part, individual states have resisted anti-gun legislation. There are notable examples, such as New York and California. There were a few surprises, like Colorado banning standard capacity magazines. However, by and large logic, history and statistics have triumphed over emotion.

There is a new push of anti-gun legislation on the way. Senator Dianne Feinstein is in the process of pushing her ignorant bill through a Senate committee. Here in Minnesota, two bills were supposed to be heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee. The events that transpired prompted me to write my representatives… Again.

Senator Al Franken voted to support Feinstein’s federal ban on many common firearms and firearm equipment.

State Senator Ron Latz decided to usurp the legislative process as well as the first and second amendments today. He refused to hear a bipartisan gun bill in favor of his own, Feinstein-esqe proposal. His bill contains numerous violations of the second amendment. He also decreed that he would not hear any public opinion, and he threatened that any feedback from the crowd would result in dismissal. Even a shaking head in disapproval was enough for Latz.

Here’s what I wrote, thanks to the NRA ILA tool for contacting your representatives.

At times, I am proud to be a Minnesota citizen. We defeated the anti-marriage amendment last year, and we are on track to recognizing the rights of consenting adults.

At times, I am ashamed to be a Minnesota citizen. I am ashamed that Senator Franken voted for an anti-gun bill in the Senate. I am ashamed that “Senator” Ron Latz had the audacity to not only push his partisan, anti-gun legislation but also to decree that anyone expressing themselves in his hearing would be removed.

How can we stand for civil rights and at the same time crusade against them?

I want to believe that Minnesotans believe in equality and in our freedom. That means freedom to love, freedom to express ourselves, and freedom to defend ourselves.

I urge you to oppose ANY anti-gun legislation. We must protect ALL of our rights equally, whether they be the first, second, or natural rights.

I am afraid for our country. I urge you to contact your representatives. I want to know I did all I could to make my voice heard. Make sure you do, too.

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