By October 25, 2005

FIOS, One Street Away From High-Speed Bliss

According to Verizon, they’re installing their fiber to the home on one of the major roads near my house. It’s very possible that I’ll be able to get them to run fiber from the main road to my house, but I don’t know how close I have to be to the main line in order to get a technician out. The online qualification tool isn’t very helpful, either; I also don’t trust the “We’ll notify you when FIOS is available,” as several of my friends with DSL reported that they were not notified once their neighborhoods went online.

I’d try calling, but the last time I did I spoke to a hillbilly and god knows I hate talking with hillbillies.

Keep your fingers crossed, it’d be nice to pay the cable company $50 less a month for broadband that craps out at the first touch of rain.

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