By July 10, 2009

FiOS speed upgrade update

I wrote late last month that Verizon is preemptively raising the upload and download speed of their fiber-to-the-home network. The changes were supposed to take place immediately, however I ran this test tonight and the results are very similar to my existing plan:

FiOS speed

It looks like my upload speed is unchanged. The download speed has gone up, but the upload speed was supposed to be 15Mbps (optimal).

I am going to cancel my FiOS TV and FiOS VOIP tomorrow, so perhaps I’ll ask when the upgrade is expected.

Ten years ago I never thought I would be complaining about 23Mbps down :

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  1. BushPutin says:

    Boo Ya!

    Meh…upload. I _seriously_ doubt that I use even a fraction of what I have in sheer raw bandwidth though. There are _so_ many variables that the raw numbers are really almost meaningless. I wouldn’t fret too much over not getting their ‘advertised’ speeds, especially since they probably have something in the fine print about ‘internal sync speeds, actual performance may vary, yada yada yada’