By August 15, 2005

FIOS three miles away

I check three sites religiously for status changes: Banana Republic’s men’s polo sales section,’s availability page (to see when they get 804 area code numbers), and Verizon’s FIOS availability Web tool.

FIOS is the superfast, pretty affordable fiber-to-the-premises project from Verizon. I’ve been waiting for it a for a long time after hearing about it on Ars Technica. I noticed on another Web site that they are burying the fiber near us in Chesterfield county. Not near enough that I can help the guys dig a trench to my house, but near enough that I called Verizon to see if they had better information than what their Web site has.

Unfortunately, 2.7 miles away is too far for us to be put on Verizon’s construction schedule. The schedule I found online is through the first of September, so unless something changes then I have to wait at least another month before they even start construction. At the normal construction worker rate of 1 foot per week after starting late, union breaks, injuries, etc etc etc I’ll get FIOS at about the same time we set sail for Mars.

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