By December 10, 2007

First human-to-human H5N1 (Avian Flu) death?

The BBC is reporting that a Chinese man whose son died from an H5N1 infection has also died, raising concerns that the avian flu might be transmittable from person to person. All previous documented cases of human H5N1 infection has been due to contact with birds, or animals who have come into contact with birds, such as cats. The World Health Organization is still researching the two fatalities. If this was indeed spread by HTH contact, expect some reactionary legislation in the US that probably won’t amount to any increased safety.

I made a few posts in the now-defunct GIMPS forum about N95 respirator masks. This thread deals with a group buy on some masks, but there is good information about how there will be a shortage in the event of a major crisis. Should the two deaths in China become linked to HTH, I would not be surprised to find a run on good N95 masks.

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