By April 27, 2006

Fits and Starts At Lightning Speed!!

My days seem kinda boring after ordering FIOS; I don’t have to check the online availability page every twenty minutes like I used to. Luckily, Verizon has made up another fun mini-game for me to play, which is cleverly entitled “Document how frequently your FIOS connection drops.” Since I started keeping track on April 12, I’ve had nine outages. This is a big deal to me, since I work from home and also have a VOIP telephone used for work-related gibber jabber. I am waiting until I drop out of a WebEx I am hosting because my connection takes a dump.

The good news is the outages last for four minutes or less. The bad news is that there is no other apparently pattern to the outages. They have taken place at any time from 5:00AM all through the day and back around to 12:38AM. When I called Verizon to report the problem, I actually had an outage while I was waiting on hold with Verizon.

I have been holding off canceling my cable modem until the outages level off. Verizon has yet to provide me with an answer as to why my service sucks. The gentleman in the support center, of course, swore up and down that I was the only person he’d ever heard of with so many outages. I think what may actually be happening is that I’m one of the only customers who sit at their computers for 14 hours a day to notice 🙂

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  1. Todd says:

    Ugh, my connection drops all the time. Usually once a day for no apparent reason. More annoying is that the link light on the modem is still lit but I have no connection, even on my server that is directly connected (Ethernet cable) to the modem!!