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FixUnreadCount for Windows Mobile: small application, big fix

About a month ago, my HTC Touch running Windows Mobile 6.1 on Verizon crashed while I was reading my email. I finished reading my messages when the phone rebooted, but the phone kept displaying one unread message. It bothered me, but I couldn’t find a solution online. I learned to live with it, and stopped getting excited when the Touch reported one new email. That is, until it happened again last night, but this time with text messages.

I text a lot. It’s the primary reason I own a mobile device — I don’t like talking to people I can’t see. I turn my ringer off when I am at work, so it is very important to me to have an accurate unread text message count. I searched again, but this time I found something: FixUnreadCount by R. Elmer. I am not sure how it works, but it resets the unread count for email and text messages. I am not sure if it sets them all to zero, or if it knows how many messages you’ve truly read. In my case it didn’t matter. I set off in search of the application.

Unfortunately, the file was hard to find for download. Every major software download site had a link to the author’s page, which was dead. I eventually found the application on the XDA forum, but you have to be a member (free) to download it.

I ran the 9K executable on my phone. The application dutifully reported the status of unread messages on every email account I had. Windows Mobile reports Gmail labels as “folders,” so FixUnreadCount scoured them, too. After it churned through my email accounts, it set its sights on my text message account. I rebooted my phone and held my breath.

Zoink! No more unread messages. The wrong notifications were fixed.

Talk about the wonder of the Internet. Before the Web, this may have never been resolved. According to my research, Verizon either doesn’t acknowledge this problem or doesn’t have a fix for it. Microsoft apparently fixed this bug before Windows Mobile 5.x came out, but it was re-introduced with 6.1 and has yet to be fixed. Some random, bright person had the ability to fix this problem, and then made it available for free. I hope R. Elmer doesn’t mind that I’ve hosted it here, so that future people plagued by this problem can find it more easily:

Thanks, R. Elmer. šŸ™‚

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  1. amy says:

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!! the HTC rep was on the phone with me for over an hour and couldn’t fix this problem….you rock!

  2. mdbwt says:

    Hi, same problem as everybody

    I tried twice but didn’t work ! I run the application and restart my HTC Touch 2.
    I tried too the other method with the registry but I didn’t even found the folder HKEY_CURRENT_USER…
    HELP pleased

  3. mdbwt says:

    Hi again, Problem solved. just a weird sms asking for download some information from my network. and this “SMS” does not appeared in the list…

  4. Jessi says:

    YAY!!! Thank you! Gaw, that was ANNOYING! Glad the guy at my cell store couldn’t tell me about this search, but let me write it down as he (wasn’t) talking about it! Thanks for that too!

  5. Myke says:

    Worked after several runs and power offs. I also emptied the deleted items and deleated the drafts. Thanks!!!!

  6. rhle says:

    Cool beans! The R. Elmer program at the drfaulken download link worked first time…once I jumped through numerous steps and was able to eventualle figured out how to load it to my computer, get it into my phone, and activate it. It went through four areas on my phone and reset my SMS counter to zero. If I’m right, it’ll stay on my phone in the ‘My Documents: folder, ready to run again if needed.

  7. BruceT says:

    I’ve tried this three times now and it hasn’t worked on my HTC Ozone running Windows 6.1. Loaded the unzipped file to My Documents on my phone then ran the program. Powered down the phone, then powered back up. Did this three times and I still have an unread text msg showing. Oddly enough it did reset my Drafts folder which has shown 1 draft for months now. Just not the inbox. Any ideas anybody?

  8. BruceT says:

    OK I figured it out. The program actually did work. I had deleted a text thread just as a new text for that same thread was coming in. So the thread was gone, but a new text was still there. I just couldn’t see it. That is until I changed my text settings from threaded to non-threaded. That’s when I saw the new text and figured out what happened. So the program worked because it reset my Drafts folder which had been incorrectly showing 1 unread Draft and the i unread text in my inbox was actually there. Just a heads up in case others have the same issue. Thanks for sharing this program. Works great.

  9. Jess says:

    My phone gives me constant trouble with the false unread count. I always used this to fix it, until i got a new version of the phone and i no longer had the file. now that i need it again this link is no longer available. help?

  10. DrFaulken says:

    Hi Jess, the link in my post still works, are you having problems with it?

  11. Pooja says:

    Hi Dr Faulken,

    This worked great, thanks a lot!Thanks for posting this. I was going insane. Iā€™m not sure why it bothered me so much, but it did.

    Thanks šŸ™‚

  12. Shaun says:

    Awesome – thanks!

  13. Cameron says:

    I’m getting page cannot be displayed off the link… Please tell me it is just a broken link.

    • DrFaulken says:

      Sorry — I forgot to copy the file over when my servers moved. I’ve put it back up, you should be able to get it now.

  14. gysca says:

    just downloaded the file and will use it asap as it always pissed me off to see that number 1 in my home screen (old 2008 release HTC Touch Cruise, originally running WM 6 upgraded to 6.1).. it’s only been 2 weeks though.. anyway, does this program fix how many times the ringer will ring accordingly? sometimes I got only 1 message and the sms ringtone will ring like 3-4 times. it’s been like this for a year.. dunno what cause it.