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F**k this f**cking s**t in the a**.

I’m guilty of doing this myself, but David over at Ironic Sans has posted an entry about the absurdity of replacing letters in potentially offensive words with an asterisk. I edit my post titles thusly in case someone is reading the article or an RSS feed of an article at work. However, David thinks this is so weird that he’s gone as far as to write a script for Firefox that “uncensors” asterisked words. You’ll need the Greasemonkey extension for Firefox in order for this to work.

Editing online content on the fly with Greasemonkey can have some unintentional and silly consequences, however. Witness this exchange between two Ironic Sans readers — the first one is talking about the “CNN Fortune Cookie” script David wrote that appends “in bed” at the end of every CNN headline. Check out what happens when you compound the CNN script with the s**tf**cker script:

We used to use the “in bed” trick in church when I was a kid, except we used “between the sheets.” You simply add the phrase to the end of any hymn title to spice up congregational singing. It brings a whole new meaning to the song titled, “The glorious blood of Christ.”

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I also notice that in an instance of brilliant serendipity, the plugin also changes the phrase “a whole new meaning” in the above comment to “asshole meaning.” Awesome.

Posted by: Kyle | April 27, 2007 11:53 AM

This issue isn’t important enough for me to install yet another script or plugin for Firefox, but if you’re iconoclasm extends to silly censorship, this script is for you.

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