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Fobus inside the waistband holster review

Last November I favorably reviewed the Fobus E2 Evolution paddle holster. I liked the comfort, durability, and stability the RX18-based polymer holster had to offer. One downside to the holster was that it was the second least concealable rig I own, right after my Galco brand Yaqui slide. With the weather heating up, I wouldn’t be able to rely on a jacket or coat to further aid in concealment. It was time to revisit the world of inside the waistband holsters. turned once again to Fobus, purchasing their new inside the waistband holster. Made of the same rugged RX18 as the E2, I had high hopes. One of the biggest problems with inside the pants holsters is that the handgun tends to jiggle loose while running, jumping, etc. I have had my Glock pop out more than once while moving quickly. I expected the Fobus’ retention system to take care of that problem for me. However, I was a little nervous about the shape of the holster, as it looked very big compared to the low-tech Uncle Mike’s fabric holster I owned in the past.

The good news is that the Fobus IWB holster secures my Glock 27 quite well. It might have a better grip on my sidearm than I do! The constant shape of the Fobus makes holstering and re-holstering a breeze. Re-holstering is a big issue with fabric holsters, as the fabric often collapses flat after the draw. The holster secures nicely to the inside of my pants, thanks to a hook that goes atop the waistband and a pre-formed “belt track” that allows a belt to synch the holster tightly to one’s body.

The Fobus IWB allows for the most concealled carry out of any holster I own. I’ve trended towards tighter fitting tshirts, and the Fobus IWB is up to that tough concealment task. One great feature of IWB holsters in general is that they keep the muzzle of the pistol from poking beneath the hemline. Some of my tshirts may be loose enough to cover my E2 paddle holster, but too short to completely cover the length of Glock.

I normally carry from the moment I put on my pants to the moment I go to bed. I am just used to my Glock being on me, and it’s not uncomfortable enough for me to take it off. Except for when I wear the Fobus IWB holster. My E2 paddle holster is extremely comfortable. There is a rubberized section that is pretty soft. The IWB holster doesn’t have a soft cladding, and the holster digs directly into my baby soft skin. Due to the shape and thickness of the holster, my waistband really gets tight. That may also be due to all the cookies I’ve been eating lately. However, my pants are so tight with the Fobus IWB installed that the points of my hip bones get sore after wearing the holster for more than a few hours. The obvious solution to this is to wear bigger pants, but my vanity does play a part in my holster decision. Lady Jaye has noted I’ve lost enough ass as it is; I don’t need to further blouse it with a larger waist size.

Concealability pop quiz: Can you tell when DrFaulken is packing heat?

What’s underneath:

(Sorry about the fat. You can really see how much the holster cinches the waistline in this shot.)

The bottom line is that the Fobus IWB holster is great for short term deep concealed carry, or when you need to keep maximum retention of your sidearm. Unfortunately it doesn’t fit my needs: long duration, all day comfortable carry. If the holster had some padding it would make this a much better product, but the width of the polymer structure might still disqualify it as a daily carry holster.

Fobus Inside the Waistband Holster, I cover up
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12 Comments on "Fobus inside the waistband holster review"

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  1. Stomper says:

    OK I’ll be the smart ass friend (I was going to let Ed or someone else do it …. but I can’t resist) 🙂 It’s Dr. #4 – he’s packing heat!! cheers. OK seriously. I would be guessing, I think it’s 1 or 3 but I’m leaning toward 3.

  2. Ninja Mary says:

    Why is re-holstering easily a problem? I would think that would be something where you could take you time, because you’ve either killed everyone or they’ve already seen where you keep your gun.

  3. drfaulken says:

    I use the bathroom or go to the gym a lot more frequently than “killing everyone.” 🙂 No one wants to fumble with putting a loaded pistol back in a holster. Not only is it a convenience issue, it’s a safety issue as well.

  4. Bond says:

    Whenever I pack, I never pee, guns make me retain water.

  5. GlockThis says:

    I pick picture #2, The holster does look abit fat but security of gun is always at issue. Uncomfortable counts me out.
    I like to carry with the firearm hand small of back grip to the right and I am right handed. Find it to be easier to access and more comfortable. Holster, just been bare packing, summer still looking for the right holster like most of us.

  6. hoc siu says:

    sir will this holster work without a belt?

    i wears shorts without belt daily. tenk u sir

    please send ur reply to my email

  7. drfaulken says:

    Hi Hoc Siu,

    If your shorts are tight you could probably wear this without a belt. However, you might find the BlackHawk soft inside the waistband holster I reviewed more comfortable.

  8. hoc siu says:

    ah thats nice to hear, than u sir. will check also the lnk u provided. tenk u for the immediate reply sir

  9. hoc siu says:

    ah i already own this one sir but its the uncle mike version , i wanna a harder model because this soft carry does not last long. but thank u sir

  10. old south says:

    what keeps the holster from being removed when gun is drawn? i have not seen one up close so was wondering. or what can you recommend that is the hard style of holster for glock 27

  11. Darren says:

    You always have to buy bigger pants with IWB holsters. Try a pair of properly fitted pants before before you knock it for being uncomfortable.

  12. DrFaulken says:

    Darren, I carry two Glock 19 pistols AIWB thanks to the Dale Fricke Archangel holster. It’s not an issue of wearing pants a size too big, it’s an issue of the Fobus holster design being sub-par and bulky.