By December 5, 2006

Fox 40 Mini emergency whistle review

Signalling equipment should be part of any emergency kit. While I do not yet have a signalling mirror, I did manage to purchase two Fox 40 Mini whistles directly from the manufacturer via I was extremely irritated to know that they have the Fox 40 Mini listed as two separate products; the one I just linked to has the whistle in more colors. The original link from which I bought my pair had black only. I would have much preferred two orange whistles. Oh well, no big deal.

Anyway, there isn’t much to say about the Mini except that it’s relatively small (go figure), measuring two inches long, one inch high, and 3/4″ across. It is all plastic, and much like a guy I knew in college, it is ball-less. Traditional whistles have a ball in them that can be frozen stuck by spit in cold temperatures. It also works in water, which seems … I don’t know, obvious. Why wouldn’t a whistle work while wet? :shrug:

The whistle is loud. Not ear-bleeding loud, but apparently louder than conventional military, referee, and law enforcement whistles. I recorded this bit, and had some discomfort for about ten seconds afterwards. I knew sounding it in my office was a bad idea, but I’ll take a hit for the team on this one.

Doug Ritter, who writes the very comprehensive Equipped to Survive site, filed down his Mini 40 to make it even smaller. I might break out a metal file or get a Dremel and do the same to ours.

For $5 plus shipping, it’s a cheap addition to any survival/emergency kit. I highly recommend this whistle for those of us wanting to check off another requirement for their go-bag.

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