By March 14, 2007

Fox Rescue Howler emergency whistle

Whistle while you work — or if you are trapped under something heavy and need someone to come rescue your ass. Enter the Fox Rescue Howler — a small, flat plastic ball-less emergency whistle in high visibility yellow. I did a write up on the larger Fox 40 Mini whistle back in December of 2006. The Rescue Howler is meant for emergency use only and is very flat in comparison to the 40 Mini, which could be used in sporting events or if you just feel like being an asshole in a library.
The Howler next to the infamous Gibberish measuring AA battery.

The Howler seems just as loud as the Fox 40 Mini. It exceeds SOLAS and U.S. Coast Guard specifications, and presumably can be used when wet or in below-freezing conditions, just like the 40 Mini. The Howler measures two inches long, one inch wide, and 7/16″ at its thickest point. By comparison, the 40 Mini is about an inch thick, making the Howler much more suited for extreme carrying situations such as an Altoids Survival Kit. I bought the Howlers because they were cheap, and I was placing an order from the merchant anyway.

The Fox Rescue Howler emergency whistle is available from for $8.50 per pair before shipping. You could find the Howler from other retailers, such as or eBay. If you’re looking for an emergency whistle, give it a shot.

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