By September 20, 2006

Free Gillette Fusion razor to the first person to email me

I received a free Gillette Fusion (that’s the six blade face-machete) in the mail from Costco yesterday. After nearly dismembering myself this April with a Gillette Fusion razor, I’m not inclined to keep it. However, those of you without crazy facial growth patterns may find some use for it. The freebie comes with the handle and one razor. It’s sealed, never been used, etc.

The first person in the US to email me gets it. If you feel like sending me the postage via PayPal, so much the better.

I’ll even autograph it for ya 😉

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2 Comments on "Free Gillette Fusion razor to the first person to email me"

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  1. Duke says:

    I would take you up on the offer but I have the same problem you do, crazy facial growth. I have to shave with an electric before I can use the regular Mach 3.
    Good luck excusing the butcher from your household.

  2. drfaulken says:

    Razor’s gone, folks!