By November 30, 2011

Free or Low Cost Music You Might Enjoy

My regular readers know that I love buying stuff. Partly because stuff is cool, and partly because I get to write about it for you. Sometimes, though, there are some things that are free or low-cost that provide way more enjoyment than the products I drop ducats on.

I’m going to talk about three music artists that offer free, donation, or very low cost music for your enjoyment.

Pretty Lights

If you like epic electronica interspersed with samples and driving beats, Derek Vincent Smith’s Pretty Lights may be right up your alley. Smith composes his music solo, but his live productions are backed by drummer Adam Deitch.

Pretty Lights music is available for free download, with donations accepted. I threw in $50 after listening to quite a few of the tracks on Spotify. Give it a listen.

Soul Khan

Battle rapper turned album artist Soul Khan has been in heavy rotation since I found out about him through a friend of mine. Soul Khan weaves hard core rap lyrics with tidbits of geek nerdcore, and anyone who references Zelda in a rap is okay in my book.

He’s giving his album “Soul Like Khan” away for free on his bandcamp page, and I would pay for it. In fact, I went back and bought the $5 version (same content) and then I bought his follow up EPs “Acknowledgement” and “Resolution” for about dollar a track.

Soul Khan is absolutely fabulous, and if you need more proof give his battle raps on YouTube a listen and then check out his studio work. Oh yeah, he’s got a new EP coming out in early December.


Bumrap is a collaboration between the members of rap group Maxilla Blue, except the DJ raps as well as puts down some fantastic beats. Bumrap’s Median Risers is on sale for digital download on Amazon for $5.99, which is good enough — except that it’s actually a double album, with the second half being instrumentals from the first half. It’s a bad ass deal, and you should check it out.

I don’t usually write about my music preferences, but I felt that the low prices and badassery of these artists deserved your attention.

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  1. anastasia says:

    Check out track ‘Still Night’ by Pretty Lights, mellow funky shit.

  2. anastasia says:

    wow I cant belive I hadnt checked out there website, THANKS! I love his style! Just listening to Soul Khan sick beats good lyrics.. thanks