By January 22, 2013

FTL: Faster Than Light Video Game Review

The vast majority of my computer or video gaming time is spent playing StarCraft 2. These days I only play with my partner wurmr, and our schedules don’t always sync up.

I played the Walking Dead computer game for awhile and gave it up after a glitch didn’t save my progress.

I was cruising the Steam online store and noticed that FTL (Faster Than Light) was on sale for $5. Some of my other friends have been playing this game, and for a fiver I thought I’d give the game a try.

Explaining FTL is a little hard. You fly a space ship and try to complete missions while avoiding the rebel fleet. All game play is from a top-down perspective. The action occurs in real-time, although you can pause the game to give orders. It’s sort of a role playing game (in a video game sense, not a pen and paper sense) wherein you can upgrade your ship, buy different equipment, and your crew members level up.

If I had to describe the game from a genre perspective, I’d say it’s a top-down real-time tactical squad based space RPG.

It’s a lot of fun and really tough, and I definitely feel like I got my money’s worth.

Here’s a sixteen minute overview I did of the game, as well as a few practice missions.

Strongly recommended

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