By October 17, 2008

Fun with Virginia license plates

The Commonwealth of Virginia allows you to create a customized license plate for an annual fee. The fee is small, so lots of Virginians have vanity plates. Most of them are really dumb, like “08 VETTE” on a
2008 Chevrolet Corvette, or “1HOTQT” on a Saturn sedan with a she-beast inside.

There is an automated process that checks plates for obvious swear words like “FUQ U” or other hostile terms. Supposedly, supposedly, there is a human that follows along behind to double-check plates before they are approved. I am not entirely sure this actually happens. 😉

I’ve had this plate on my Yamaha FZ6 for a little over two years.

I thought I was pretty crafty until my friend Donut sent me this picture:

Stilts sent me this last week:

I couldn’t decide if this was a survivalist statement, or if the driver was a zombie. Regardless, I grinned.

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