By June 25, 2009

FZ6 rider Lucky Devil’s cross country challenge

Just a quick mention about a really cool blog for a really cool endeavor: fellow FZ6 owner Lucky Devil is riding across the United States. She sold everything she possibly could, gave up her apartment, loaded up her FZ6, and headed east.

It’s the kind of thing I’ve wanted to do for a long time (except go the opposite direction) but have never had the guts to do.

Lucky Devil posts nearly-daily updates on her blog, with lots of cool pictures. She has stopped at national parks, museums, and assorted points of interest. You can also follow her progress via her SPOT personal GPS tracking emergency device. Even though Lucky Devil has grown up in an urban environment most of her life, she is trying to save money by camping as often as possible along the way. Sometimes she meets up with fellow riders for an escort; for the most part she’s on her own.

She is also collecting donations for Riders for Health II, which attempts to bring medical supplies and care to those living in remote or hard-to-reach areas. You can donate to Lucky Devil’s fund raising effort through First Giving. I kicked in a few bucks; consider taking the money you’d spend on Starbucks for a week and donate.

Any one of these aspects would make for a great ride worthy of support:

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