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Generation 4 Glock G19 “04” Replacement Recoil Spring Assembly

On September 9th of this year I wrote about the Gen4 Glock recoil spring assembly recall from the Glock factory.

Exactly five weeks after requesting my replacement, the new #4 spring arrived in the mail. It took a week longer than what the Glock service agent told me, but hopefully that’s because law enforcement personnel were getting theirs first.

Here’s what was included, and some of the differences between the #3 and #4 springs.


Included was the 04 spring, an invoice, a letter explaining the recall, a padded envelope, and a pre-paid shipping label so I could send the 03 spring back to Glock.

This is the older, “03” recoil spring assembly. If this is in your pistol, you may want to contact Glock.

This is the newer, “04” RSA. There is a “3” at the bottom of it as well.

I don’t know how relevant it is, but the 03 RSA has a bottom coil that curls around the V-shaped cut in the shroud:


The 04 spring’s bottom coil does not extend as far into the “V”:


Both RSAs have thirteen coils after the shroud.

The body of both springs appear identical to my eyes. There may be a slight difference in the thickness of the inner spring coils, but it’s hard for me to say. I wasn’t willing to destroy my 03 and 04 RSAs to find out 🙂


One obvious difference is the top of the RSA. The 04 spring (on the right) has a thicker metal cap.


One thing I didn’t notice until writing my review is that the cap of the 03 RSA appears to be crooked. In reviewing my photo I don’t know if that’s because of how I’m holding it, or if it was actually canted. That might explain some of the feeding problems Sedagive? encountered after shooting about 300 rounds during dynamic training exercises earlier this summer.

I haven’t been able to fire my Gen4 Glock 19 since getting the 04 RSA. I will say that working the slide is much easier than when I bought my G19. After a rough initial trip to the range, I sat at home and worked the slide several hundred times before going back out again.

Hopefully the 04 RSA will perform better than the original, but I also feel like I was finally getting my fourth generation Glock 19 where I wanted it.

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