By March 23, 2007

Getting Sassy

Our neighbor Sassy, a Westie, came over yesterday to play while we had dinner with her human mother. She’s an only child, and her mother doesn’t play with her very often. It shows. Sassy was a good little guest, but was very protective of her toys and did not do well when we tried to take a toy from her to play fetch. She would drop the squeaky cone when she was ready for us to throw it to her. She would also growl at Porter and Rosie when they came up to play with her, which is fine. I laughed when Porter was about two inches from her face, just trying to smell her. Sassy was growling and growling, and Porter wasn’t bright enough to get the hint. Like Father, like son.

On the flip, she was more than happy to play by herself away from us while we talked after dinner, while Porter and Rosie camped out on our feet. Sassy is sweet, but doesn’t behave like we like our dogs to behave. Different attitudes for different needs, I guess.

Pictures after the jump.
Sassy, living up to her name.
Rosie isn’t exactly sure what to make of Sassy. She seems so much more friendly across the fence.
Sassy going to town on the squeaky Crocagatorpig.

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3 Comments on "Getting Sassy"

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  1. Ed says:

    That toy looks awesome!

  2. Which toy, Ed? The gator being disembowelled, or the Spikey Cupcake of Death?

  3. Ed says:

    I was thinking the gator, but the cupcake of malice ™ works well too.