By November 26, 2007

Gibberish Is My Native Language Holiday Gift Guide 2007

I buy a lot of stuff. Sometime I buy it because I need it, sometimes because I want it, and sometimes because I think an item is just plain whacky that it deserves a review on Gibberish.

With “Black Friday” kicking off the retail season I thought it might be interesting to go back through some of my old reviews (and future reviews, too) and tag a few products that might make great goodies for the little nerdy geek on your gift list.

I am tempted to turn this category into a year-round kind of thing, in case you need a birthday present, graduation gift, or whatever. I have also considered breaking the items down into subcategories based on price: $25 and less, up to $50, up to $100, and over $100. But for now, let’s keep things simple.

Look for this little icon at the bottom of reviews:

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