By October 13, 2007

Gibberish WordPress maintenance and a few site changes

I did some work on Gibberish today. It was a mix of maintenance and some feature/usability tweaks. I got rid of the archives in the left sidebar — no one was really using it according to my user logs, and it took up a lot of real estate. I would have used Stilt’s pulldown menu script again, but I had problems with the javascript triggering with more than one pulldown (I had one for archives, and one for categories). I could have fixed it, but that required :effort: and I haven’t been up to it. You probably noticed the categories are all listed out again, this happened at the same time as my upgrade to WordPress 2.3.

I also updated my Akismet anti-spam plugin. It was painless and just involved dropping a new PHP file into my WordPress plugin directory.

I got rid of the voting/star ranking feature for my posts. Despite some “oooh shiny!” participation when I first enabled the feature, no one has really been voting. I think a big drawback to the plugin is that you have to be logged in to vote. 90%+ of Gibberish “users” are spammers trying to get around my moderation queue. I don’t blame any of my real readers for not registering, who the fuck wants to keep track of another username and password?

Google Analyticator was upgraded from version 1.4 to 1.54. It was another easy upgrade: just upload the files. There was a file structure change and the addition of a javascript library of some kind, but I didn’t have to configure my GA options so for now I’m not too interested in what changed. If you’re part of the GoogleAnalyticator team, it would be nice if you included a version history in your README file.

I upgraded Subscribe to Comments to the latest version. Simple drag and drop, but again no version history. I blindly upgrade!! That couldn’t possibly cause any problems, could it? So far so good, but this plugin is mostly for the benefit of my readers who post in a thread. Thread participants should be getting an email when someone has commented to the thread. Please let me know if this is no longer the case.

I nuked a few plugins I’ve had deactivated for awhile, such as Visual.SpellCheck. Visual.SpellCheck worked just fine, but I use Firefox 2.x’s built in spell-checker now and didn’t need it. I deleted the podcast plugin that now ships with WordPress by default, as well as a plugin to aid in QuickTime embedding that I never got to work right.

Anyway, a mix of feature changes as well as site admin news for the other Gibberish readers who use WordPress. I know that Gangrene over at Bunkerguts was nervous about upgrading to WordPress 2.3 and we’d emailed back and forth about it. So far none of my plugin upgrades have caused any conflicts or have thrown any errors, so if you’re running a WP install you may want to consider upgrading as well. Even if you’re not really writing as much as you used to (Stilts, I am looking at you). 😉

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  1. roclar says:

    I upgraded to 2.3 Oct 1. The primary purpose of my site is to run the web server and test software upgrades, so even when I am too lazy to add content, I still keep everything up-to-date.

    I did switch to Visual.Spellchecker after reading this. I had been using Corrector which I think you recommended some time last year. Visual.Spellchecker managed to spellcheck my Lorwyn Release Tournament post which Corrector couldn’t handle.