By September 9, 2011

Glock 4th Generation Recoil Spring Assembly Recall and Replacement Program Experience

The latest full-size and compact fourth generation Glocks (Gen4) have had problems with their recoil spring assemblies since they were released. Over time, different iterations of the RSAs have been produced, and Glock is finally, publicly, recalling all of them.

Here’s my experience with the Glock 4th generation recall and replacement program. Please note this only my experience as a United States resident; my readers from other countries may have a different experience.

See the official Glock recoil spring assembly exchange page for up to date information.

My entire process was done over the phone and took less than eleven minutes including hold time.

  1. I had my serial number written down and knew my model number. You’ll need this, so get it ready before you call.
  2. I called 877-745-8523. This phone number is only for RSA replacement.
  3. A pre-recorded message ran for about two minutes. It explained why the RSA needs to be replaced and briefly detailing the replacement process. Glock would collect my name, serial number, model number, and mailing address. They’d send me a new RSA along with a pre-paid envelope. I was to return my old RSA to them.
  4. I waited another six minutes and was told what placement I was in the call queue. I started in the eighth queue position at around 9:00 AM central.
  5. “Camile” took care of my recoil spring recall and replacement. She was very polite and collected my information. She also asked if my Glock was for personal carry or duty. I replied the former, wondering if there was an express service for law enforcement. I hope so, and I don’t mind waiting.
  6. My new recoil assembly will ship in two and four weeks.

    If you’d rather not call in, you may email Glock at [email protected] … please note it’s not .com.

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