By September 7, 2005

Gmail Web Clips — cuz I don’t want to be left out

So, I opened up a new Gmail account for the Web based business Bond and I are putting together. I logged in today to get our domain name confirmation, and noticed something interesting in Gmail that I don’t have in my other two accounts:

What’s this Web Clip business?

According to this write up on Locker Gnome, Web Clips have been around at least since this April for select accounts. I don’t know how or why Gmail only has Web Clips deployed to certain users, but I can’t enable them on my other two accounts. Perhaps it has to do with account generation time — both of my main Gmail accounts are over a year old. Gmail has a very sparse bit of documentation on their Gmail help site.

Here’s the Settings interface for the Web Clips:

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As you can see, you can adjust the feeds that you want. It comes with a lot of marketing type links. Gmail randomly displays one of your Web Clips, or you can page through them one by one if you’d like.

Overall, the functionality isn’t super useful, or even something that would get much play from me. I used Gmail for, well, email, and to have a bunch of headlines thrown up there isn’t going to replace my LiveBookmarks or other syndicated feed readers. I just don’t want to be left out 🙂

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  1. badmagic says:

    Not lj-cutting wide graphics makes Baby Jesus cry. And messes up Friends Page formatting, which is worse.

  2. drfaulken says:

    I am embarrassed! I think ImageShack has a width and a height size requirement for thumbnails.